Friday, October 05, 2007

Camden Stables market: What goes around comes around

If you like cheap, vintage clothing then look no further than the Stables market. It is literally littered with vintage stalls, and 'What goes around, Comes around...' particularly stands out because of the vast size of it. Spread over two floors the shops is packed with a mixture of mens and womenswear including shoes, cut-off jeans, accessories and formal wear. The majority of the womenswear is upstairs and included a whole rack of glittery jumpers and cardigans (pictured above) which are currently very popular (from £8).

There is a great selection of vintage shoes and accessories including these spangly elbow length gloves (£14) which would be great for nights out dancing. They also had equally as sparkly gold Mary Quant socks for £3.

Vintage jumpers are a great way to keep warm in winter, there were plenty of Starsky and Hutch style cardigans like the brown one above (£30) as well as woolly hats like Laura is sporting in this photo.
I can't go to a vintage store without falling in love with at least one dress and this time I loved the blue eighties dress (above left, £24). Unfortunately it didn't quite fit me otherwise I would have definitely bought it!

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