Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lily Allen in Sonia Rykiel: When wearing a dress just because it's designer isn't a good enough excuse...

Reminiscent of that time when Victoria Beckham thought it was acceptable to wear a belted sheet simply because it was by Marc Jacobs, so has Lily Allen displayed the same error in judgement, only with much less finesse. Revealing more than we needed to see, the British songbird stepped out for dinner Wednesday night in this sheer baby pink Sonia Rykiel dress, which left many scratching their heads. Not only was it far too long for her, but it exposed her lacy pants for the world's paps to shoot. Proving that just because its designer, isn't a good enough excuse to try and pull it off, Lily has shown us that a label doesn't necessarily = buy. Thanks for the timely reminder Lils!

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