Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alexa Chung: "I would actually like to model again"

Could we soon be seeing Alexa Chung stepping in front of the lens for a lucrative ad campaign or two? There might be a campaign with New Look on the cards, if those rumours from the British Fashion Awards ring true.

Regardless, Alexa has expressed an interest in returning to her modelling roots, a profession that she once abandoned to pursue a career in TV presenting.

"I would actually like to model again now because I think I would have a lot more input, so watch this space," she told the Telegraph.

"I stopped modelling because it was just so stifling. It is very hard, when something is your passion, to be controlled and told how to do it and what to wear," she added.

Likewise, Alexa's boyfriend, Alex Turner of Artic Monkeys, also claims that he still gets queries about modelling jobs.

"I still get modelling offers all the time and since I moved on to other things, the offers have become a lot more appealing," he said.

Maybe a campaign starring both would be a wise move. Food for thought anyway.

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