Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gianni Versace's mansion becomes local tourist attraction

As far a tacky goes, this could just about take the cake... The mansion where the late Gianni Versace was shot dead, has been opened to the public as a local tourist attraction. Now, ten years after his death, inquiring minds can visit the palatial grounds of Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach, for the price of $50 (£27) a tour, which includes a guide dressed in a Versace gown. Gross, huh?

Versace was gunned down on the steps of his home in a brutal attack in 1997. His death shocked the fashion industry, who paid tribute to the late designer last July, with a celeb-studded dinner and opera performance in Milan, hosted by Donatella Versace and her family.

The estate's current owner, Peter Loftin, first turned Casa Casuarina into a private club, before renting it out for overnight stays and special events. Now, visitors can pay to see the 1930-built home, which features an observatory overlooking Miami Beach, and a guest room designed especially for Madonna.

"It's too magical a place not to share with a wider audience," said Loftin.

Sure, as long as you can make a quick buck off someone's death in the process, why not? Give me a break! This is beyond disrespectful.

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