Tuesday, December 11, 2007

World's ten most powerful blondes according to Tatler - who says blondes are dumb?

Blondes apparently have more fun, and according to Tatler, there are some powerful blondes in the world. The magazine released their most powerful list in the November 2007 issue of Tatler, and all but one were women. At the top of the list is Rupert Murdoch's daughter and television executive Elisabeth Murdoch, followed by Chelsy Davy, a daughter of Zimbabwean safari tycoon Charles Davy (and also known as Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend. They were followed by two billionaires wives Cristina Green wife of Philip Green, and Carole Bamford, the wife of Sir Anthony Bamford.

An unexpected entry came in the form of model, Lily Donaldson at number five, followed by Camilla Parker Bowles and Sienna Miller.

With the absence of politicians, movie stars (if Reese Witherspoon can command over $15 million a movie, she should be on this list too) and even Kate Moss, one does have to wonder how Tatler came up with this list.

Tatler's Ten Most Powerful Blondes

1. Elisabeth Murdoch
2. Chelsy Davy
3. Cristina Green
4. Carole Bamford
5. Lily Donaldson
6. Camilla Parker Bowles
7. Sienna Miller
8. Nick Rhodes
9. Natalia Westminster
10. Irina Abramovich

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