Monday, December 10, 2007

Paris Hilton shows she's a real 'star'

At first I didn't think there was anything special about this picture.

Another shot of Paris Hilton posing and wearing a nondescript dress is hardly news-worthy.
Then I looked closer. Much closer. (Ok, so maybe not that close but i'm building up the tension.)

In a manner similar to a 4 year old girl, Paris has been playing cutting and sticking, and her shoulder is covered in silver paper stars!

At first it seems more than a little absurd, but then I thought about it.

Body art without the pain, and is removable, and adds extra shimmer to your party dress? Ms Hilton is a genius.

I'm heading over to Toys 'r' Us to add a packet of sparkly star stickers to my Stylefile as we speak.....

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