Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet LaDress and their perfectly fitting frocks

Simone van Trojen and I share a simple philosophy. Life is better in a dress. As the creator of LaDress, Simone aims to bring women the perfect does-it-all frock, which judging by the current collection, owes a lot to the legacy of Diane Von Furstenberg. There are three main silhouettes on offer; a button down, knee length dress with a wide collar and long sleeves, a classic wrap with quite a full skirt, and a funkier, shorter tunic with a cinched waist. The dresses are then available in all kinds of fabrics, from polka dot silks to bright coloured crepes, resulting in a much larger collection than you'd imagine...

work out your measurements from the size chart (sizes are from XXS - XXL, which are approx UK 6 -18) and you're done. All the dresses are cut to the same size measurements so once you know your fit, you should be able to order any style in any fabric and be ensured the same fit. Top these with a petticoat or a sash scarf, and you're good to go.

Prices start at £179 for the lycra jersey option, so this is not a bargain brand, but you'll get the benefits of boutique shopping (it's delivered in a handcrafted box, with easy returns) which might sway you a bit? Sadly, I don't think the model's Brigitte Bardot hair and sultry eye makeup come as standard, but I'm desperate to try them out too!

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